What the programming team is up to!

Feb. 19, 2024

Our programming team is in the process of bringing our robot to life!

Lauren P.

Lauren P.

Kenny S. programming the robot

Programming is another subteam on the Stryke Force robotics team. Each year the programming team is responsible for making the systems come to life. Right now, they are working on the autonomous program for the upcoming competition. This program runs for the first fifteen seconds of each match where the drivers do not control the robot at all.

The team is also currently developing the vision system for our robot. This system consists of a small camera that will be mounted on the robot in order to recognize AprilTags during play. With this system in place, we will be able to tell where the robot is relative to the field. “The programming team is excited to continue to push the boundaries of what they can accomplish this season,” says senior Kenny S. We can’t wait to see how their hard work pays off at competition!