Next Robotics Generation

The Stryke Force Next Robotics Generation Spitfires team is our robotics team for fifth and sixth grade students.

Using Arduino robot kits to get fully functioning robots in the hands of kids (and parents) quickly. The robots you build, and compete with, are yours to take home and enjoy.

First year students will work with a parent to build an Arduino robot car, learn how to upload programs to their robot, and compete in a simple but challenging game. Gain confidence and make new friends. Students can choice to use the stable code base provided or make modifications (with help from a knowledgeable mentor) to customize how they drive their car.

Second year students will build on the experiences and robot they gained last season. The game will be more challenging and include an autonomous portion. Students will add sensors to their car and start with a stable code base that they will modify to allow their robot to complete a challenge by itself.