See what our Build team is working on!

Feb. 12, 2024

The Build team is hard at work getting ready for the competition season.

Audrey P.

Audrey P.

Build Team posing with robot

The backbone of our high school robotics team is the build team. They are on the road to being ready for competition season, working to design and construct the robot. Right now they are split into two groups, one focuses on CAD and 3D printing, while the other tackles the fabrication and wiring of the competition robot. A key element in their process is the creation of a prototype robot, serving as a testing ground for various ideas. This trial-and-error approach allows them to identify what works best before implementing it on the competition robot, highlighting the team's commitment to precision and continuous improvement in the fast-paced world of robotics competition. We can't wait to see how they adapt and excel through this competition season!