Let's Crescendo into the season!

Jan. 8, 2024

On Saturday, January 6, 2024, this year's new FRC game, Crescendo℠ presented by Hass, was broadcast live for the world to see.

Jiya S.

Jiya S.

kickoff 2

Stryke Force team members, mentors and some alumni gathered at our build space to view the broadcast. It started with a few messages from sponsors and after a live Q&A with FIRST® founder Dean Kamen, the game animation was presented. For the duration of the video, the room was quiet as our team soaked up all the information. Next, there were field tours, where FIRST staff went over different parts of the field in lots of detail.

kickoff 1

As we moved into breaking down the rules with our student leaders, we started to share ideas and collaborate. The next day, we met again to begin the design of the robot. Overall, it was another great kickoff and we are so excited to begin another amazing season!