Drive Team

Feb. 29, 2024

Learn more about the drive team and what they do!

Veer S.

Veer S.

Aleks L. driving the robot

The drive team is responsible for driving and operating the robot during competitions. Stryke Force's drive team has three roles, the driver, the operator, and the human player. Each person has several different roles each year and we will be going over the responsibilities of our drive team this year in CRESENDO.

The robot's operation is split up between the driver and the operator. This year the driver is responsible for moving the robot across the field and scoring the pieces in the amp and the speaker. Our robot uses swerve drive which allows our driver to move and turn the robot simultaneously.

Our operator is in charge of getting the robot in scoring position for the speaker and the amp and getting the robot ready to climb the stage at the end of the match.

Lastly, our human player will be at the human player station feeding notes to our robot to be scored. Our human player may also be the one to throw a note on the stage at the end of the game gaining our robot extra points.

Working together our drive team will be able to take our robot to victory in the FIRST 2024 game CRESENDO.