CAD and Robot Design

Feb. 6, 2024

Get to know Stryke Force's design process, what CAD is, and how it helps our team be successful!

Lizzy R.

Lizzy R.

Alec M. working on CAD

In the beginning of the season, directly after the team watches the kick-off video, we make a list of what we want our robot to do. After that, we make a list of objectives and determine the maximum possible score we think our robot should achieve. Then we begin to strategize what possible ways we could complete our goals. This allows us to begin modeling in CAD and start building our robot.

CAD stands for "computer-aided design" and it's a computer program that allows us to design robot parts before building or 3D printing them. This also enables us to ensure the game elements fit and line up with our robot pieces. FIRST provides us with the dimensions for all the game elements so we that can make an online model. Alec, a senior on the CAD team, says his favorite part about using CAD is being able to see how things interact before they actually exist.

Our mentors overhauled our CAD program in 2022 and began training students in OnShape.
The CAD team plays an integral role during the robot design process. I hope you learned something new today about this important part of our team!