2024 Game Deep Dive

Feb. 3, 2024

Each year the FRC game is different and our high school students must work to solve new and unique problems. Let's get a better understanding of this year's game!

Veer S.

Veer S.


The 2024 FIRST game is CRESCENDO℠ presented by Haas. In this musically themed game, alliances will have many new challenges to face and plenty of ways to score points. As always three robots will be in an alliance and play against another three robots. Alliances get points by scoring red discs, known as notes, in their speaker or amp, harmonize on stage, and take the spotlight in order to win the match.

Screenshot 2024-02-01 7.44.36 PM

The match is broken up into three parts, a 15-second autonomous period where robots are controlled by pre-programmed code and will score notes in the speaker or amp for 5 to 2 points respectively. Then comes the 1 minute 45 second teleoperated period where drivers take control of the robot. The final 30 seconds are the end game in which robots will attempt to hang and score the last bit of points possible.

During the teleoperated period, robots will collect notes from human player stations and score them in either the speaker or amp for 2 to 1 points respectively. When two notes are scored in the amp, a human player can amp up the speaker to increase the point value to 5 points for notes scored in the speaker over the next 10 seconds.

During the end game, robots will make their way to the stage and begin to climb on one of the three chains provided. When multiple robots on the same alliance hang on the same chain they harmonize and gain additional points. Robots can also score a note in a trap while hanging to gain an additional bonus. Finally, the human player can throw a note onto a rod above the hanging robot, thus spotlighting them and getting even more points. As always, the alliance with the most points wins the match!