Senior Spotlight: Tori D.

April 13, 2023

Meet Tori D. our Drive Team Leader!

Lizzy R.

Lizzy R.

untitled-4715 - Tori Dwyer

Tori has been a part of Stryke Force for 7 years.

After watching her older sibling compete she joined the FTC team in 6th grade. As she entered high school Tori joined the FRC team and started driving . She is now our drive team captain.

Tori’s favorite memory on the team was having dinner with Team 1678 Citrus Circuits in Houston last year and meeting different teams worldwide.

Tori says that being part of this team has taught her better communication skills. Next year she aims to study at WMU and plans to pursue a career in product design.

Thank you Tori for being a part of our team!