How Stryke Force is Preparing for the Upcoming Competition

March 10, 2022

Learn more about what the entire Stryke Force team is working on to prepare for the upcoming competition in St. Joe this weekend!


As we prepare for our first competition in St. Joe this weekend, our teams have had a busy week. The business team added our sponsor labels to the pit as a way to highlight our generous sponsors and we packed up our supplies for St. Joe. The build team continued making last minute tweaks to ensure our robot is ready to compete, and the drive team has been busy practicing driving and strategizing. Testing the robot for the always important autonomous portion of the game is how the programming team has been spending their time this week. Lastly, the scouting team has been teaching students how to scout our awesome alliance partners on Saturday using the app that they created. We are all so pumped to get back on the field, and we hope to see you in St. Joe this Friday and Saturday!